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Global Digital Media KOREA
Phone: +82 10 6291 6697
Address: Baeksong building, Anamdong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul


Contact persons

Kjetil Larsen

Kjetil T. Larsen  – General Manager

Kjetil is in charge of the daily operations. He is also responsible for the development of GDM's unique software "GDM MediaPlatform".

Tel: +47 93413819   E-mail:


Kim A. Sørhus  – I/O Specialist

Kim is a specialist within A/V solutions. Kim has completed several big contracts as a consultant for NATO, Atea, BP, Viju, Conoco, Kongsberg and more. He ensures technical satisfaction and quality in our project deliveries.

Tel: +47 93016461   E-mail:

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