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The 10 most important ingredients for an optimal interactive communication-solution! 

Through long experience and solid methodology GDM offers solutions that ensures the quality of all the various elements in a complete delivery. GDM can deliver complete solutions for your digital communication or assist with certain parts of such a project. We have identified the 10 most important ingredients to optimize an interactive communications solution.:

1. Idea & goal orientation
WorkShop and reviews of needs and ideas to clarify your superior goal orientation with the solution.

2. Concept development & strategy - target link
We conceptualize and develop a comprehensive strategy in collaboration with the client based on your needs and wishes. GDM has a resourceful team with long experience in a variety of fields and we can contribute with adept solutions. We look at the target groups and the synergy with the optional channels to achieve the best  possible response and effect.

3. Content & usefulness
The core in communication is the content and the usefulness the user will experience. The better we know the user the better can we customize the communication and content.

4. Picking the best technical solution
A technical solution consists of choosing the hardware and software as well as how you want the overall solution to work in the physical environment. GDM has expertise within hardware, software, installation and operation and that ensures minimal downtime and monitoring of the technical solution.

5. Integration
Communication should capture your attention, excite you and give a sense of usefulness as, we aim to achieve that through a dynamic way to communicate. Integration is essential; automatic updating, internal and external real-time data as well as incorporating social media is parts of our integrated products.

6. Design
Design contributes to create impressions, capture attention and optimize the user experience and make it easier to navigate in large amounts of information. The right design makes you visible.

7. Installation
GDM has high competence within both simple and advanced installations. We integrate solutions while bearing in mind style, quality and the environment the system is to be installed in.

8. Analytics and statistics 
One of the most important ingredients to success is to measure the response and interest the content has with your users. GDM Media Platform can be used as a tool to gather and analyze data which again will be utilized to customize your message and optimize your company's communication through multiple channels.

9. Support
Our support team will provide training in how to administrate and operate our systems to you or your employees.

10. Operating and monitoring
GDM secures optimal operations and can automatically remotely control the system for you. We are proud to present an average uptime above 99.7%.